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Calling All Data Hungry Journos -- Duedil Wants You!


Duedil ( is a showstopper. A beautiful and easy-to-master UI you access from your browser, wrapped around sought after information on public (currently UK) companies, and the men and women that run them.

That's why founder Damian Kimmelman and his team walked off with this year's award at the Techcrunch EU Geek N Rolla's and why technology and business reporters that are in the know are signing on to help in the next steps of the company: making Duedil the #1 place for business intelligence on the web.

If you are a data hungry journalist, covering business in this always-on world, where services like Duedil can now present a wealth of information that previously would have eaten away hours of your life in research, then Duedil wants to hear from you.

Drop a line to for access, and to be a part of a feedback program beautifully outlined here by GigaOm's Bobbie Johnson.

Event Vid -- Duedil Wins Geek N Rolla 2011


Congratulations to UK-based startup Duedil on their win at this years Geek N Rolla

Duedil stands for "due diligence," and they are aiming to utilize big data in correlation with public social media sentiment, and behavior data in order to flip the model of a capital-intensive risk management firms like Dun & Bradstreet into a platform with easier entry for anyone -- from Small to Medium sized firms down to your plumber.

Other standouts from the demo pit in our mind included Teamly, a slick enterprise team planning play; ColourDNA, a new social discovery and sharing platform; and Tastebuds where your music tast acts as cupid online!