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MaintainPR & Noble.AI

Ryan Sommer


Corporate R&D spending in 2018 reached $782 billion among the top 1000 companies, representing a 14% increase relative to 2017 and the largest figure deployed firms to R&D ever. Despite this, most AI-as-a-service is designed and targeted toward marketing and commerce.

Enter MaintainPR client (, AI software that helps enterprises do R&D with 10x lower cost. Since founding the company in 2017, Matthew C Levy and his team have worked with many of the largest and most forward-thinking enterprises – across verticals like chemistry, automotive, and materials science – using their unique technology to help them lower the cost of R&D and invent faster.  

We are excited about the future announcements from this stellar SF-based startup. You can read more about the seed fundraise from Prime Movers Lab and Solvay Ventures (the venture arm of world-leading chemical company Solvay) on TechCrunch below.

Big data AI startup Noble.AI raises a second seed round from a chemical giant — TechCrunch

Momentus Announces Contracts for New In-space Transportation

Ryan Sommer

Momentus -- Pioneering In-space Transportation

Ryan Sommer

MaintainPR is excited to announce our new working relationship with Momentus.

Formed by veteran space entrepreneur Mikhail Kokorich, Momentus provides in-space connecting flights for satellites between various orbits and deep space. Their mission is to provide the most efficient in-space transportation, powered by deep space resource utilization services and propulsion technologies.

You can read more in TechCrunch now.

Fullstack Academy Supports NYC Cybersecurity

Ryan Sommer

MaintainPR client Fullstack Academy is a part of NYC’s new cybersecurity initiative. The city is investing $30M into “Cyber NYC,” a job development initiative focused on five key technology programs, including a cyber boot camp through its partnership with Fullstack.

Fullstack’s founders have always been at the forefront of “new collar” jobs and giving back to their city. Read more in the press below.

NYC plans cybersecurity industry push that could add 10,000 jobsFast Company

NYC Wants to Build a Cyber Army — TechCrunch

City kicks off massive cybersecurity venture — Crain’s New York

NYC Venture Seeks to Spur Jobs, Innovation in Cybersecurity — PC Mag

Why NYC is investing millions in 5 cybersecurity programs — TechRepublic

NYC Invests $30 Million in Cybersecurity — Security Today

LDV Capital on the Rise of Synthetic Data in Tech

Ryan Sommer

MaintainPR client LDV Capital (, is a venture fund investing in people building visual technology businesses at the seed stage.

Today, General Partner Evan Nisselson was published in TechCrunch around an advantage disrupting the ability for anyone to create and leverage synthetic data to train computers across many use cases.

See: Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry -- TechCrunch

LDV Capital Raises 2nd Fund for Visual Technology

Ryan Sommer

Evan Nisselson ©Ron Haviv.jpg

MaintainPR client LDV Capital is having a great start to 2018 with the announcement of a second fund with $10 million for investing at the pre-seed or seed stage.

Dedicated to supporting and investing in deep technical teams that leverage computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze visual data, Evan Nisselson and his team at LDV also helm the LDV Vision Summit

Check out coverage of the news in WSJ, Strictly VC and more.

LDV Capital Raises Seed Fund for Visual Tech  -- WSJ

GumGum's Incredible Growth Spotlighted in Forbes

Ryan Sommer


GumGum's computer vision platform for in-image advertising is expanding beyond media and ad verticals. By helping sports sponsors evaluate ROI across untapped opportunities in social media, this MaintainPR client has seen a record year, surpassing $100M in revenue.

Read more in Forbes.

How GumGum Is Using Image Recognition Technology To Change Online Advertising, Sports Sponsorships And More -- Forbes

Arago's CEO Chris Boos in WSJ on Positive Future with AI

Ryan Sommer


With all of the dire predictions that some AI-practitioners like to dispel in order to drum up press, it's nice to hear a more balanced and productive counterpoint.

Marketwatch's Rachel Koning Beals recently spoke with MaintainPR client Arago on what a realistic future would look like with automation.

No need to squirm in your seat here because Chris Boos (Arago's CEO) has already been implementing AI for Fortune 100 companies in finance/IT and telecom for years!

AI is too smart and busy to knock off humans - WSJ/Marketwatch

Astro Digital on NPR's Planet Money

Ryan Sommer

Space is easier to get to than ever and it will change life on earth. That's the premise of NPR's recent series featuring MaintainPR client Astro Digital

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 12.38.14 PM.png

In Episode 3, the Planet Money team explores new options and a redefined landscape for launch services. Having synced up with the Astro Digital team during Small Sat Symposium in Utah, the results include some thought compelling commentary.

GumGum and LDV Capital Featured in MediaShift

Ryan Sommer


What happens to marketing in a world with 45B cameras? Well, in 2022 we will be faced with that scenario.

In this piece for MediaShift, GumGum CTO Ken Weiner takes the stats from the recent LDV Insights Report and breaks down example ramifications for consumers, marketers and technologists.

Heads Up! Marketers to Combine AI with 44 Billion Cameras -- MediaShift

LDV Capital Predicts 45B Cameras in the World by 2022

Ryan Sommer

LDV Insights.jpeg

How many cameras would you guess will be in the world within the next five years?

LDV Capital recently released a report measuring the entire visual technology ecosystem that has resulted from the integration of cameras and visual data across the market sectors: Handheld Cameras; Robots (Autos, Boats, Drones, etc.); Smart Home; Security and Surveillance and Wearables and it's an eye opener.

To download the report visit

Media Coverage

Astro Digital Launches First Imaging Satellites

Ryan Sommer

MaintainPR client Astro Digital sent their imaging satellites into space early Friday morning as part of larger payload launched by the Russian company Glavkosmos! Quality images that capture crisp details are needed to measure trends on how the earth is changing. Astro Digital’s differentiator is in a system specifically designed for large scale change monitoring, from spacecraft size, optics, power, and orbit to the unique downlink solution that fires bits from 600km above earth to a antenna at the north pole at rate 10x faster than a typical small satellite. Read more on TechCrunch, SpaceFlightNow, Spacenews and Silicon Valley Business Journal below.



Fullstack Academy Demo/Hiring Day Profiled in WSJ Marketwatch

Ryan Sommer

Coding schools like MaintainPR client Fullstack Academy are proving through hard earned results that vetted and accredited immersive classes can make for career transformation.

Today, on the afternoon of both the Chicago and NY campus hiring day, Marketwatch profiled Fullstack and linked right to the live feed of student projects so that everyone can see the results themselves. Have a look at the full piece below.

Beyond bootcamp: Is immersive learning a must for coding? -- Marketwatch

Arago & ContentSquare Talk on EU Expansion to NYC

Ryan Sommer

What's it like to expand your business from Europe and hire on the ground in NYC?  Jonathan Cherki (CEO ContentSquare) and Chris Boos (CEO of MaintainPR client Arago) are two artificial intelligence experts from France and Germany respectively.

They recently sat down to record a podcast for Anthony Noto at NY Biz Journal to discuss just that.

Give it a listen here: 

European AI experts recall their experiences of launching companies in N.Y.C. -- NY BIz Journal